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Are you looking for high-quality lampshade making supplies and equipment in Australia? Our wide selection incudes everything you need to create stunning lampshades, from frames and fabrics to adhesives and trimmings. Elevate your decor with a unique and beautifully crafted lampshade using our premium products. Creating your very own lampshade can be a rewarding and creative endeavour. With just a few simple steps, you can craft a personalised lampshade that adds a unique touch to your space. Here is a basic guide to get you started.

Gather materials: Collect the necessary supplies, an easy-to-make kit, which includes, lampshade rings, , lampshade adhesive paper, fabric of your choice, trimmings, glues and double sided tape. Read the instructions and watch the tutorial: Once you have gained a little knowledge on lampshade making its time to begin measuring and cutting the fabric accordingly to fit the lampshade ring sets. Follow the instructions: Our step by step instructions ensure you complete a perfect lampshade, from cutting the fabric to finishing off with trim and embellishments. Attach to a lamp base or use as a ceiling pendant. Once you have completed your lampshade carefully attach to your preferred fitting, centering securely. Illuminate and enjoy. Show off your new creation to friends and family and even hold a mini class yourself. The beauty of making your own lampshade lies in the freedom to experiment and showcase your style. Don't hesitate to try different fabrics and patterns and different sizes and shapes from our selection of lampshade kits. Happy crafting!